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  Audition Monologues: Power Pieces for Men

Audition Monologues:  Power Pieces for Men provides strong, quality material for any audition.  This collection offers over 60 dramatic monologues with unlimited character choices.  Written for men 18 to 80+ years old, these monologues enable the actor to become the character in the present moment and project in the most effective way.   
A Man: Logical, self-indulging, anxious, successful, lazy, intoxicated, intriguing, loving, honest, manipulative, paranoid, driven, focused, weak, sexual, honorable, sensitive, deceitful, inspiring, self-centered, fearless, giving, ignorant, proud…he has many faces.
You will find him in this book.

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What's Inside

Page 10, Second Thoughts – 35 yrs+
He became a doctor to help save lives, but lately he has been treating terminally ill patients. It is all becoming a little overwhelming.

Page 14, Mistaken Identity – 18 yrs+
He is a patient in a mental hospital. This birthday, all he wants is a baseball glove like Gary down the hall.  What he doesn’t realize is that he is Gary.

Page 34, The Good Ole Days – 60 yrs +
Watching his granddaughter get ready for her date brings back fond memories of his past.

Page 29, The Pain – 30 yrs+
He begins to talk about the suicide of his daughter to a support group.  As the pain starts to resurface, it becomes too hard to share.

Page 41, The Ultimate Betrayal – 25 yrs+
After he learns about his wife’s affair, he confronts his best friend.

Page 44, Denial – 20 yrs+
He is famous and living the life of luxury.  But it all ends abruptly when his family commits him to a drug rehabilitation facility.  Now reality sets in.

Page 57, She’s Back – 18 yrs +
His ex-girlfriend has come back in his life in hopes for a second chance.  Because the breakup was so hard to get over, he reluctantly lets her in the door.


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