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"This book serves a need in our industry for the one-minute monologue.  Agents, Managers and Casting Directors, such as myself, enjoy a brief prepared monologue.  Usually, we are put in the uncomfortable position of interrupting the actors before their monologues are complete, as it is really unnecessary for us to see more than a minute.  Deborah's monologues are written in natural dialogue and are age appropriate.  I have recommended this book to numerous actors.”

Clair Sinnett
Drama Faculty, University of California-Irvine
Casting Director/Los Angeles

"Ms. Maddox's monologues were successful and pertinent among my acting students.  The images and the language were true to my student's real lives.  They were able to take the pieces and breathe life into the characters.  In my opinion, Ms. Maddox has written a useful book of monologues that is able to connect the classroom with the stage.  I feel that any young person using her monologues will be successful when performing her work.  I highly recommend this collection of monologues."

Jennifer Bemis
Theatre Director/Arts Coordinator

“This collection of monologues is really great to have as an actor.  As there are so many different character choices, I can always find the right monologue to audition with, whether it is for film or theater.”

Anna Rankin

"Ms. Maddox has put together a virtual roller-coaster ride over, under and through dramatic and comedic presentation.  As a reader, I was put in touch with a kaleidoscope of emotions as well as the ability to relate personally with each vignette.  From delight to despair, nothing is held back.  As an acting coach, I saw a masterful approach to generating the right tools for young actors to get in touch with their feelings.  Ms. Maddox has a rare knack for using the right words, what a young person, in a given circumstance, would say.  She is fearless in content and context.  This collection will enable students (or anyone else) to get in touch with and convey a wide spectrum of emotions.  I applaud her work and look forward to the use of her material as a “how to” for monologues.

Kerry Keepers
Actor/Acting Coach/Agent

"I enjoyed working on the monologues written by Ms. Maddox.  I thought that they were like my life experiences.  I think the comedy monologues are really funny.”

C. Slusser
9th Grade Student

"I gave Ms. Maddox's monologue book to my drama teacher and she said they were excellent. We ended up using many of Ms. Maddox's monologues for my whole class to perform. We had a big show and everyone enjoyed the performance.  I felt like I could be any one of the characters in her book! The monologues are a lot of fun to do.  I loved them!”

S. Leigh
10th Grade Acting Student

“I stumbled across Power Pieces for Men over the internet.  I bought the book because the title grabbed me.  The words, “power pieces” is an understatement.  Although these monologues were written by a woman, this author has an excellent ability to write for men.  These monologues are extremely versatile when it comes to character choices and as an actor, the flow of the words create a strong foundation for natural delivery. I highly recommend this book!”

John Stanley

“I bought this book for my 12 year old. What we love about this book is that there are monologues for all ages of kids, which have enabled him to show the ages he can play. The comedy monologues are really funny and the drama ones truly brought a tear to my eye. The content in this book is very appropriate for kids and the table of contents make it easy to find the right monologues for my child.”

Tom Havlin
Parent of child actor



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