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  Audition Monologues: Power Pieces for Kids and Teens

Book Description

An excellent collection of fun comedic and powerful dramatic one-minute monologues. Written for kids and teens, ages 5 to 18 years old. For professional and beginner actors alike. A source of monologues that can be used for auditioning purposes, classroom instruction and acting workshops. A great book to have to hone acting skills. The monologues are entertaining and have variety of character choices to choose from.


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What's Inside

Page 10, Being Little Isn’t Easy – Comedy Child Male/Female Just because I am a little cute kid doesn’t mean you can pinch my cheeks all of the time. And what’s up with the big red hair and bright lipstick? And actually, your breath kinda reminds me of my dog, Lefty’s breath.

Page 16 – Grandma Harriett’s Meatloaf – Comedy Child/Teen Male/Female Grandma’s cooking isn’t so great. Tonight, I’m going to have to save Grandpa!

Page 21 - 120 Degrees – Comedy Teen Male/Female No one feels like going to school when you are sick, but maybe heating up the thermometer to ensure a fever is a little too desperate.

Page 23 – College Bound – Comedy Teen Female She and her mom don’t seem to have the same plans when it comes to College. Maybe working at the Piggly Wiggly isn’t the best career choice.

Page 25 - His Only Chance – Comedy Teen Male At some point in our lives, we just have to go for it. This time, he wishes he hadn’t.

Page 31 – The Bully – Drama Teen Male/Female After many months of torment, he/she finally gets the courage to stand up to the school bully.

Page 33 - The Rush – Drama/Teen Male The time he spent with his friend was really fun, but was it worth it? Maybe hanging out at the train station wasn’t a good idea after all.

Page 36 – Mistaken Identity – Drama Child/Teen Male He is a patient at a mental health facility and all he wants is a baseball glove for his Birthday. But maybe he already has one.

Page 39 - Erase Hate – Drama Teen Male/Female He/She decides to confront a fellow student who is completely ignorant and insecure about who they are.

Page 49 - Don’t Leave – Drama/Child Male/Female He/she begs her father not to leave. Page 53, En Mi Corazon – Drama/Child/Teen Female She comes from a poor family and now they are faced with a very hard decision.


  Audition Monologues Copyright © 2010